Our mentors dedicate their lives to helping and teaching.

Our mentors primarily enter our program through our relationship with local business partners (employee interest).   They are also coached / mentored, which helps them serve a young adult with great confidence. This equips them to have healthy relationships at home and work.

Michael Garland

 I found myself interested in the mentoring program with Mentoring

Partners of Cincinnati because I love people and I enjoy helping,

coaching people, and watching them find their passion in their

work and in life. My experience with my mentee helped us both

grow as men!


Lura Beth

I was inspired to mentor after being asked and having an interest in the life of my student. My hope is that she aims to reach her full potential with the encouragement from others in her life. Going into a mentoring role, I thought "How can I bless someone?" "Am I adequate?" Then I realized that I, too, will receive a huge blessing. The Lord equips those who are willing, and makes them able!


Matthew Marcum

Mentors are what changed my life and continue

to be vital for my growth in every season. It is a joy

to continue building friendships with young men that

help us both accomplish growth in our lives.

Ron Wenzel

My inspiration for serving as a mentor comes from

a desire to help young men grow into the mature

and responsible adults that our society needs them

to be. If you like the feeling of making a difference

in the life of a young person, then becoming a

mentor might be for you!


Harvey Thurmer

I am an Associate Professor at Miami University, teaching

violin in the Music Department. I have personally

experienced the power of a good mentor, and sometimes conversely, the power of a bad mentor. It challenges

me to think purposefully about how I interact with

young people who are in their formative years.

I would encourage anyone with a heart for the next

generation, to seriously investing in this

mentorship opportunity. 

John Allbrittin

I was raised by my great-grandparents. I have benefitted from

many great mentors and am honored to be able to pass

along that which was first given to me.


 Another passion is racial reconciliation as he continues

to facilitate and participate in “Undivided” sessions at

work and his church, Crossroads.

John Allbrittin.jpg