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Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati provides mentoring friendships to teenagers by collaborating with businesses and community partners. We provide a PARTNER (mentor), a VISION (future they desire), and a PATHWAY to achieve it all!

Our mission
Mentor Friendship
Vision: a Conduit Of Opportunity

MPC delivers a site-based model by partnering with organizations of 40+ employees. With the business as the main hub of a collaborative network in their community, we create a conduit for which high school mentees land firmly in quality organizations as rising talent. This is accomplished through employee interviews, on-site tours and workshops, internships, and long-term employment. By creating partnerships with excellent organizations, our mentees have access to the best opportunities, while companies have access to the very talent they invest in. This is how we create community transformation in teens, families, and businesses.

Michael Garland



"I found myself interested in the mentoring program with Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati because I love people and I enjoy helping, coaching people, and watching them find their passion in their work and in life. My experience with my mentee helped us both grow as men!"

Matthew Marcum



Matthew spent 15 years as a registered nurse in hospice care prior to transitioning to develop and direct the mentoring program. Read More

Participant Testimonials!

Anne (mentor/aunt) and Quinn (mentee)


We mentor high school teens 14-18 years of age


Finding and equipping mentors to come alongside young adults.


Enriching the lives of employee through mentoring or referring their teen.