Mentoring high school teens in Greater Cincinnati to inspire their network of relationships, dynamic careers, and servant leaders to their communities

The breakdown of the family has led to a generation of young men and women experiencing relational isolation, trauma, and a hopeless trajectory. They lack quality relationships that build a foundation of their worth and identity. Who will help them overcome their greatest personal struggles, explore and pursue their academic and career calling, establish their core values, and build a network of formative relationships for lifelong growth?  


Mentoring Partners (MPC) maintains a growing team of business and community partners that excel in mentoring high school youth. We equip adult mentor volunteers to invest in the maturity of young adults in relationships, academics, career, and spirituality/values. This bridge of mutual friendship between two generations transforms at-risk youth into impactful leaders in their families, communities, and workplaces. It further equips adult mentors to be a more excellent spouse, colleague, and advocate in their community.

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Our mission

Cedric Peerman, former NFL Player

Neil Thompson, owner, Vibrant Assisted Living

Business to Community Mentoring
Participant Testimonials!

Anne (mentor/aunt) and Quinn (mentee)

Cedric Peerman, former NFL Player

Dr. Shri Rao, Father of Mentee AND Financially Partnered Business

Vision: a Conduit Of Opportunity

After three years of delivering a powerful impact in our regional model, MPC is launching a site-based model with organizations of 40+ employees. With the business as the main hub of a collaborative network in their community, we will create a conduit for which high school mentees travel to land firmly in quality organizations as rising talent. This will be accomplished through employee interviews, on-site tours and workshops, internships, and permanent placement. By creating partnerships with excellent organizations, our mentees have access to the best opportunities, while companies have access to the very talent they invest in.


We mentor high school teens 14-18 years of age


Finding and equipping mentors to come alongside young adults.


Enriching the lives of employee through mentoring or referring their teen.