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About Us

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Mentoring Partners (MP) began it's conceptual phase in early 2015 based upon the persistent spoken need by high school and college-age students desiring one-to-one relationship for life's greatest challenges. Matthew Marcum, founder and executive director, spent two years in development through consultations with educational institutions (universities and public high schools), non-profit institutions, business leaders, and other entities excellent in their field of community impact. The pilot program was launched in Fall 2017 with a small sample of students and their mentors, showing exceptional impact, and validating the pursuit of a structured 9-month program. Students launch successfully into adulthood upon program completion when they graduate high school.

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Our program is run by a local business partner board of advisors, so that we represent the right impact in their workplaces and their communities. Here is a taste of how we make this possible:


Business Partners:

We are partnered with over 30 businesses in the greater Cincinnati area. Matthew builds deepening relationships with these businesses, invest in their employees through education, and recruit them as mentors to their community. We also serve high school teens 14-18 years old through our mentoring program as they are referred to us by employees. In short, we invest in the company culture's health, their employees, and their families.



Our mentors primarily enter our program through our relationships with local business partners (employee interest). They are also coached/mentored, which helps them serve a young adult with great confidence. This also strengthens their ability to grow in their vocation and their relationships at home. We care about the health and development of your employees.


Young Adults (mentees):

Our current class of young men and women are spending at least 8 interactions with their mentor during the academic school year, but most invest much more time as they realize the value in the relationship. In addition to the friendship, they explore growth opportunities in academic, vocational, and spiritual areas. For more info, see the "Process" tab!

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