Leadership Team

Meet our Board and Staff Members!

Our team members are selected from business and collaborative partners. They graciously choose to invest their time and talents, which are evident through leading organizations that embody integrity, compassion, transparency, and a determination to invest in the lives within their reach. They are the fuel, the engine, and every vital piece of what guides our mentoring mission.


Matthew Marcum



Matthew has been married to his wife and friend Ashley for 18 years. Their marriage and family of 7 children is their main mission, and extends into the community. Matthew spent 15 years as a registered nurse in hospice care prior to transitioning to develop and direct the mentoring program. From a background of relational isolation and struggle himself, Matthew's heart is made full as he introduces mentors that champion impact in the lives of the students and families they serve. Relationships are everything... ​

Neil Thompson

Board Member: HR/Compensation


Neil has a unique heart for "helping those that cannot help themselves." He currently lives that out as the founder and owner of Vibrant Assisted Living, which provides adult services to the developmentally disabled. Their daily mission is to provide the vibrant and meaningful life each of their clients deserve. Neil's heart extends to the needs of students and families that are served at Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati, which is why he brings his talents to our board of advisers. He is married to the amazing Veronica Thompson and has two sons, Darian and Dylan Thompson, in which he is well pleased. He holds a Bachelor degree in business from University of Cincinnati and his MBA from Xavier University.  

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Paul Gillman

Board Chair: Finance

 Paul has a great passion for the outdoors and has visited and hiked national parks all over the United States. He loves his wife and family foremost, but has a great deal of passion for serving those in need. He has served as a board member for a national academic institution, is a fractional CFO for quality businesses, and brings a lot of integrity to all he does. Mentoring Partners is grateful for his persistent passion, expertise, and commitment to our organization's ongoing pursuit of impact and excellence.

Joe stewart

Board Member: Marketing/Promotions


Joe is just a “car guy” He currently owns Danco Transmission & Auto Care with his brother, Jason, and has been there virtually his entire life.  He enjoys a challenge so working on vehicles and running a business certainly fit that bill.  He studied business at the University of Cincinnati and the School of Hard Knox  (HKU).  He has 4 children an awesome wife and 2 twin grandsons. 

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